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"For all your work, and for your unwavering ability to speak truth to power, Brad, I thank you."
-- Rep. John Conyers, Jr.
"Brad Friedman is one of the Paul Reveres
of [the Election Integrity] movement"

-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ring of Fire,
Air America Radio
"Thanks to Brad for speaking out...and for your passion in fighting for election integrity across America."
-- Senator Barbara Boxer
"If you want to learn about the state of our election process, I urge you to visit"
-- Catherine Crier, CourtTV's Crier Live

"Perhaps the most dogged critic of electronic voting machine technology in the blogosphere."
-- The New York Times

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Brad's Acting Resume...
"...Brilliant physical comedian
Brad Friedman..."
-LA Weekly

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The Write stuff.

Brad's This n' That...
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Brad's Software Stuff...
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Blogger Bio & Testimonials
(Looks whose talking
about Brad!
Various Notable
Media Appearances
& Guest Host Gigs...
(Including running
Ann Coulter off the air!
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For five years Brad was seen
either performing in, writing or
directing America's longest
running late-night serial comedy
smash hit!
...which he also proudly
Senior Produced...
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