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The Real Andy Kaufman
Posted by Claire on 2/28/2004 at 00:02:22
Did you ever notice there still isn't a "real Andy Kaufman"? On the DVD "the real Andy Kaufman" (a great show, I highly recommend it) there is an interview at the end. In this interview Andy is supposed to have dropped his guard and is being very sincere. The funny part is, he is being as phoney as always when he is talking about how rude the audience was. He goes into that southern voice and is very, very fake. As fake as when he crys then plays the congas. He guided the audience through thier boos and jeers just as always. He knew the response his family would get. Yet, years later this is supposed to be "the real Andy Kaufman". In other words, he is still doing it. People are consistantly falling for it.
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