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Re: Enrique 2
Posted by Claire on 3/18/2004 at 21:56:25
I think his entire career was a shrewdly planned out performance. He knew very early on that his stage act had a short life expectancy. I think all his decisions were part of a cycle. I believe he chose Heartbeeps & Teaneck Tansie knowing they were dogs. There is no doubt he planned every bit of the SNL ban. Bob says on the midnight special "this is the first show that will have Andy in a long time, and we thank you for that" it was so orchestrated. TM shunning him wasn't true. I say there is no doubt he was in complete control of his rise and his demise. I think it is safe to say he knew it would end in death many years before he died. The timing was centered around taxi, since he was under contract. Once that was over he was free to wrap it up. He didn't die, he simplified.
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