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Brad Friedman - CRIME SCENE Photos: "One Good Turn" & "Another..." (2002)

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Photos of Brad in CRIME SCENE (1998 - 2003)

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As "A Man" in One Good Turn (2002),
a silent CRIME SCENE...

And again in the silent sequel Another Good Turn (2002),
during A Very CRIME SCENE Christmas 2002!

Finding fresh ways to use and abuse the "3 Storylines, 3 Scenes each"
weekly format of CRIME SCENE, where storylines would then continue from Saturday to Saturday, was always both a challenge and a delight. Writing, performing and directing the silent storylines was a very satisfying variation on the theme. Both, also, had a slightly warmer-than-usual (for CRIME SCENE) feel to them, which was a double-fresh bonus.


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