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Brad Friedman - CRIME SCENE Photos: "The Prophecy" (2003)

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Photos of Brad in CRIME SCENE (1998 - 2003)

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Playing - somehow - my own father twenty years hence in The Prophecy (2003). On the final night of CRIME SCENE: Season 5 at Sacred Fools,
it was foretold that someday, someone with "the mark" would herald the dawn of a new CRIME SCENE day. That day, unfortunately, would be as ill-conceived as this one was.

(That "mark", incidentally, the one on Laura's ass, was one of the first of many graphic designs I'd create for CRIME SCENE beginning in 1998. It was a body outline that someone has defaced with a smiley face & curly hair. It became an excellent metaphor and logo for the show. He came to be known as "Chalky", the lovable body outline.)


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